What is TDP? CPU’s TDP Explained


For a long time, I thought that TDP is the power consumption of a CPU. I was wrong, TDP is not the CPU’s power consumption even though both are measured in Watts. Not only the CPUs, but we also have TDP figures in GPU and SOC as well. To make things more confusing, Intel and AMD … Read more

Best Mini PC for Gaming

Best Mini PC for Gaming

Gaming on a Mini PC? Maybe it sounds weird only a few years ago, but when a modern smartphone holds more processing power than a gaming computer that came a few years ago, why not gaming on a Mini PC?  Through this article, we will find out the best Mini PC for gaming available on … Read more

Workstation GPU Vs Gaming GPU, Which one is right for you?

WorkstationGPU VS GamingGPU

You could easily get a top-tier Nvidia/AMD gaming graphics card for $1500, but top workstation cards cost almost 3X-5X of its gaming variants. If you wonder why these professional graphics cards are so expensive even though they use the same graphics processor?  Well, they aren’t exactly the same and their target audiences are also different. … Read more

Best Mini PC Under $150

Best Mini PC under 150

You don’t need a supercomputer for basic computing tasks unless you’re doing heavy gaming or using high computing-intensive applications such as 3D modeling or video rendering. A cheap Mini PC under $150 is powerful enough to run daily applications and multimedia playback without destroying your wallet.  Portability is another great advantage of a Mini PC, … Read more

Best All-in-One Computer Under $500

best all in one pc under $500

A budget All-in-One computer not only saves your wallet but also provides a clean and minimalist desk setup. Honestly, there are no reasons to buy a high-end PC for basic computing tasks like web browsing, word processing, or video conference as you can run these applications smoothly with a cheap All-in-One computer. Of course, some … Read more

What is DLSS? Nvidia DLSS Explained

what is dlss

DLSS is an AI-based image upscaling technique created by Nvidia- stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. Traditional supersampling is a technique where you have a game running at a higher internal resolution than what’s displayed on your monitor. This is most commonly used as anti-aliasing to help remove jagged edges. You can manually do supersampling yourself … Read more

Best 4K HDR Gaming Monitors

Best 4K HDR Gaming Monitors

The best 4K HDR gaming monitor surely enhances your gaming experience to the next level, but making the right selection isn’t easy as the market is now flooded with HDR leveled monitors. We cover the regular 16:9 4K monitor on this guide. If you’re interested in an ultrawide HDR monitor, check our ultrawide HDR monitor … Read more

Best Ultrawide HDR Monitors For Gaming and Productivity

Best Ultrawide HDR Monitors

Ultrawide monitors are popular among gamers and creative professionals for amazing visuals. If you’re from a regular 16:9 monitor and using an ultrawide monitor for the first time, the experience should be wow! We aren’t here for the ultrawide only but also for the best ultrawide HDR monitors available on the market. Check our best … Read more