Threadripper VS Xeon W: The Ultimate Core War

Xeon W VS Threadripper

Modern CPU’s computing power has skyrocketed over time, but some power-hungry users always remain who need insane computing power more than regular desktop processors. These users are mainly 3D artists, game designers, VFX animators, video editors, and data scientists.   Intel and AMD both have specially designed CPUs to address these users. While AMD’s Threadripper is … Read more

Mafia 4: What we know so far

mafia 4 concept image

Mafia fans are eagerly waiting for the next Mafia 4 game. In August 2022, Hangar 13’s general manager Roman Hladik confirmed that Mafia 4 is on track for development. So, the upcoming Mafia 4 game isn’t a rumor, because Hangar 13 is the game studio behind Mafia franchises. However, we don’t have the official release … Read more

Enable Resizable Bar with this UEFI mod on your old Gaming PC.

Resizebar support

Resizable Bar or AMD equivalent Smart Access Memory is available on newer systems based on Intel 10th gen or AMD’s Zen3 architecture. All modern GPUs from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel now utilize resizeable bars to boost gaming performance. However, Rebar is not an entirely new technology, introduced with PCI Express 2.0 standards, but GPU manufacturers … Read more

What is TDP? CPU’s TDP Explained


For a long time, I thought that TDP is the power consumption of a CPU. I was wrong, TDP is not the CPU’s power consumption even though both are measured in Watts. Not only the CPUs, but we also have TDP figures in GPU and SOC as well. To make things more confusing, Intel and AMD … Read more